If you are a film buff such as myself, you may recognize this saying from the early 90s action movie "Point of No Return". This phrase is used in the context of mentally de-escalating a difficult situation to avoid conflict. As an assassin, the character would say this to herself to remain present and focussed... Continue Reading →


If you have been following me for a while you may already know I have a history living with an array of illnesses. Ranging from Ulceritive Colitis which lead to an Ileostomy, Multiple Sclerosis, Seizures and a fun disease called Pyoderma Gangrenosum. The nature of these illnesses and conditions does not allow for my children... Continue Reading →

When faced with adversity, it tends to be human nature to allow our minds to go into a negative space. Especially when an event comes seemingly out of nowhere. Whether our minds cannot process what is taking place quickly enough to ground ourselves, or we become consumed with what we think may happen in the... Continue Reading →

We face many circumstances in life that are difficult to understand. Whether it be a terrorist attack, a car accident or a personal life altering experience. When such events occur, we do our best to wrap our heads around what is happening as well as on what our minds predict may happen in the future.... Continue Reading →

When I began this new Blog in January 2017, I did so to simply share my story. I have always felt compelled to relate my life experiences to others, not only as a form of self therepy, rather to allow others to see they are not alone in their personal struggles. A feeling I had... Continue Reading →

Well hello there!! Long time no read 😉 It's been just over a month since I have written anything and what a month it has been. Our children have settled very well into our new home, finally they have other kids their age on the same block. This community is far quieter than where we... Continue Reading →

Well I’m back. I took a few weeks away from posting as my family and I moved again, the second time in less than one year. Primarily due to budget constraints with the larger home we moved from. Secondary to that was the fact we had an incredibly large backyard which was larger than the... Continue Reading →

There is one experience I have briefly touched on since I began this journey with my Blog. The time I began to develop Seizure activity in 2010. It is hard to believe it has been seven years since. Rather than getting every specific detail from my wife of what happened next, I’m choosing to share... Continue Reading →

Ah summertime!! The sun is shining, the air is warm and the snow has melted! For many, this is a time to celebrate surviving another winter and time for summer vacation. There really is nothing like summertime. For some, this time of year is met with cautious optimism.  What do I mean by Cautiously Optimistic?... Continue Reading →

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I am so glad you have chosen to visit my website and I hope you will continue to come back to read more! Over the years, I have found ways to accommodate Multiple Sclerosis within my life and still be able to maintain a normal and happy life! I do believe that a positive attitude can make a huge difference! I truly hope that my website will reassure others that they are not alone with these battles, my goal is to help others!


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