If you're like many in the general public, you may not have heard this term and theory. Even for me, I just learned what it is last year. The general idea is a person will begin the day with a finite amount of "Spoons" which equates to physical and mental energy. For most, if you... Continue Reading →


This is exactly what I experience on a daily basis. The way in which he describes the night spasms and tremors is word for word what I experience. It's one of those articles that gives comfort to me, knowing I'm not the only one. Tap on the link below; MS can already cause difficulties sleeping,... Continue Reading →


My life as a Rare Disease patient

Today I have been thinking about the word WHY???

  • Why don’t I have close friends?
  • Why do I have a rare disease and two other diseases?
  • Why do I keep seeing on Television about children having a rare disease but nothing about Adults still? Not trying to say anything against children but adults have rare diseases too.]
  • Why can’t anyone figure something to just help me feel a little better?
  • Why am I terminally ill? What happened? 

I will try to keep things in order, but sometimes that is not that easy for me.

I know I shouldn’t be complaining, but I will at times and today may just be one of those days! Many people have it worse than I do, I realize that. My life has been rough , but as hard as it has been I have been blessed. My Mother even though she was sick most…

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If you have ever seen "The Italian Job" {2003} you may recognize F.I.N.E. from a scene in the movie. I remember chuckling in my head when I first heard what it stands for, for me at the time it rang true and continues to do so even till this day. If you have not seen... Continue Reading →

There is a bit of a mental struggle in my mind right now. Next month marks the 20th Anniversary of when I first began to work at the age of 16. Some may wonder why this is a struggle for me? The answer is simple, in my wildest imagination I would never have thought at... Continue Reading →

I wrote this article last year. This week marks the 15th Anniversary of when I had this life altering surgery. As you will see having an Ileostomy truly saved my life.
In the 15 years I’ve lived with an Ostomy, I have had positive experiences and negative experiences. Though through it all I have managed to accept this reality as another facet of my life. I have learned patience as well as acceptance. When I first had the Ostomy at the age of 21 I saw the image of what my life could and would be disappear. I was in a toxic relationship and thought to myself “at least she is still her and not disgusted by my poop bag” what I would quickly learn over the coming weeks of being an ostomate is that people change. My toxic relationship ended and I soon met my true love who accepted my Ostomy as part of the package. I am proud to say this person is now my wife of 10 years!
As I mark the 15th Anniversary/Birthday of my Ileostomy, I want people to know there are others out there that will accept any physical flaws you may have, and by accepting they inadvertently push us to better accept our circumstances and strive.

Life is how you live it…

There are times in your life where you just know. You know what the ultimate outcome will be during a life experience. For me, I just knew I would be having a life changing surgery. Before the doctors were going to proceed, they wanted to try a new drug at the time. This drug, Remicade, was literally brought down via Ambulance from Edmonton. I know what you’re thinking, lights, sirens with a police escort…. This was not the case, although in my mind at the time, it sure was.
Remicade is widely used today to treat Ulcerative Colitis, with great success. I have close family members who have been treated successfully and flourish on the treatment. However in 2003 it was so new to the market my doctors were not certain how effective the treatment would be.

The day it arrived to the hospital, I had to sign a lot…

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For many with a chronic illness when a spouse or partner become ill themselves or require a medical procedure a unique situation creates itself. The partner that typically needs a bit of extra help with daily activity is thrust into a role of caring for their loved one as well as managing their own conditions.... Continue Reading →

What an interesting week it has been... a certain MS symptom from years past has returned. Optic Neuritis or more simply, double vision. I first noticed it almost a full week ago when looking to by far left without moving my head. Horizontal Double Vision 2018 At first I thought it was just a trick... Continue Reading →

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