Last week I discussed how we all learn to adapt to our current state of reality. Whether due to relationships, health, employment or unforeseen circumstances. There are times throughout life where each of us will feel comfortable and stable. Then, seemingly out of  nowhere, likely at the most inopportune moment, we are asked once again... Continue Reading →


I have not come across a single person whom has not adopted a new personal reality, either by choice or design. As much as we assure ourselves of how our lives will pan out, there is always a change to the destiny we envision in our minds.  I speak a lot about adaptability for this... Continue Reading →

Once released from hospital and back in the apartment recovering, a new picture began to come into focus. I still desired goals mentioned in my previous post, successful in my career, with a woman who would be my perfect match, having children, eventually owning a dream car and a dream home, living "happily ever after".... Continue Reading →

The human body is a remarkable mechanism. It was amazing for me to shift from a deep sense of helplessness to a great sense of encouragement in only one week. As the Shingles were brought under control and I was getting my mind wrapped around the Ileostomy. I was very much looking forward to getting... Continue Reading →

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I am so glad you have chosen to visit my website and I hope you will continue to come back to read more! Over the years, I have found ways to accommodate Multiple Sclerosis within my life and still be able to maintain a normal and happy life! I do believe that a positive attitude can make a huge difference! I truly hope that my website will reassure others that they are not alone with these battles, my goal is to help others!


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