It’s Better To Laugh Than Cry

An excellent post! Reminding us we need to laugh at ourselves sometimes.
Even with minions 😒

Richer For Travel

They say that laughter is the best medicine.  I agree so I wanted to share a funny travel tale that always makes me laugh. Some days you just need to laugh. This short and (hopefully) sweet post is my nod to the need for a good old giggle.

I am a confessed klutz. I make tripping over fresh air into an art form. I have had numerous broken bones and even more near misses across the years.

One particular day, my sister and I were back on dry land after a blissful seven nights cruising the South Pacific.  We were heading into the terminal at Brisbane airport to board our flight(s) home. Jac was bound for Launceston.  I was bound for Gladstone. After a wonderful time away together (no kids, no husbands, no worries!) we were heading in our separate directions and back to reality.  That was the ‘cry’ part of the…

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For many, the friendships in our lives have evolved with the changing times. With new technology, apps and forms of communication friendships too have changed. Rather than meeting for coffee or dinner, we can now text and "Face Time"  via a multitude of different formats. With such a heavily connected globe, friendships are more far... Continue Reading →

Chronically Content

I love reading a shared outlook on life, far to many people tend to focus on the “what ifs?” Rather than simply living in the moment, enjoying the good days.

My Medical Musings

I’m lying in bed trying to take deep breaths to cope with the excruciating pain in my glands from a “mump like” virus. I’ve been told it could take 10 days for this acute stage of the viral infection to pass. I haven’t slept for 4 nights.

I should be beside myself, miserable, moody, mortified that my body has yet again thrown something at me from out of nowhere.

Don’t get me wrong, I have been in tears with the pain. I have been concerned that I might have a bone infection given my bone disease. I may still have. More tests await later once I’ve stabilized. I’ve had moments of just praying for pain killers to kick in now…..right now!!

Despite that though I still have an overarching feeling of being “Chronically Content”

So, how on earth can I feel content, even happy, in the midst of all this?

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I share methods I have adopted that help me to release negative self talk. Along with how unknowingly, I have been using certain tactics my whole life. Only realizing this a few weeks ago has shown me how I have truly been connecting the pieces longer than I thought.

Last week I discussed how we all learn to adapt to our current state of reality. Whether due to relationships, health, employment or unforeseen circumstances. There are times throughout life where each of us will feel comfortable and stable. Then, seemingly out of  nowhere, likely at the most inopportune moment, we are asked once again... Continue Reading →

I have not come across a single person whom has not adopted a new personal reality, either by choice or design. As much as we assure ourselves of how our lives will pan out, there is always a change to the destiny we envision in our minds.  I speak a lot about adaptability for this... Continue Reading →

Once released from hospital and back in the apartment recovering, a new picture began to come into focus. I still desired goals mentioned in my previous post, successful in my career, with a woman who would be my perfect match, having children, eventually owning a dream car and a dream home, living "happily ever after".... Continue Reading →

The human body is a remarkable mechanism. It was amazing for me to shift from a deep sense of helplessness to a great sense of encouragement in only one week. As the Shingles were brought under control and I was getting my mind wrapped around the Ileostomy. I was very much looking forward to getting... Continue Reading →

New Beginning 

Life is full of "New Beginnings", whether it's when you graduate from Elementary School into the new world of hormones, or from finishing grade 12, beginning a new chapter of education or entering into the workforce full time.  New Beginnings are all around us, every year, everyday, down to every minute.  When my quarantine was... Continue Reading →

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