"When you breakdown life, your life, a picture will come into focus. A picture of a Rollercoaster. All human beings have moments of great height, followed by great lows. Some of the time you're moving very fast!! While other times you are moving slowly, anticipating what may come next.  I am not going to over... Continue Reading →


"These three words are prevalent, although I work hard to change their context."

Swimming Through Brain Fog

A very relatable experience to mine.

A Chronic Spoonful

On Tuesday, I decided to make my husband his favourite cheesecake. It’s a chocolate chip cookie one, with a base of cookie, and more cookie bits baked throughout.

Now, I usually bake it in a glass Pyrex dish lined with baking paper. This time, I forgot the paper. I was so tired by the end of my baking, and my brain felt so foggy, that I just didn’t think about it. I kept looking at it, thinking the whole thing looked off, but yet couldn’t figure it out.

As soon as my husband came home, he asked why I hadn’t used the paper. Oh. Duh.

This is the unfortunate reality of life with chronic disease. Fatigue, pain, medication, and even malnutrition (in my case) causes brain fog.


Brain fog is exactly how it sounds. It’s when your brain feels like it’s swimming in a sea of fog, and you can’t…

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Through the journey of my life I have adapted to changing circumstances, I have written about such changes previously. Rather than again explaining how "drastically" my life has changed through living with an Ileostomy, Multiple Sclerosis and Pyoderma Gangrenosum I thought it worth while to share the somewhat smaller things that have changed. Keep in... Continue Reading →

When we think of friendship, we usually think of the people in our lives who have seen us through thick and thin. The people who we have perhaps grown up with, gone to school or university with, travelled with, played sports with or worked with for years. We think of the people who we expect […]... Continue Reading →

“To Live with Multiple Sclerosis, I Must Adapt To Live with Multiple Sclerosis”

If you are a film buff such as myself, you may recognize this saying from the early 90s action movie "Point of No Return". This phrase is used in the context of mentally de-escalating a difficult situation to avoid conflict. As an assassin, the character would say this to herself to remain present and focussed... Continue Reading →

If you have been following me for a while you may already know I have a history living with an array of illnesses. Ranging from Ulceritive Colitis which lead to an Ileostomy, Multiple Sclerosis, Seizures and a fun disease called Pyoderma Gangrenosum. The nature of these illnesses and conditions does not allow for my children... Continue Reading →

When faced with adversity, it tends to be human nature to allow our minds to go into a negative space. Especially when an event comes seemingly out of nowhere. Whether our minds cannot process what is taking place quickly enough to ground ourselves, or we become consumed with what we think may happen in the... Continue Reading →

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