Courage of Character 

This week I decided to briefly step away from my story. Events have transpired to someone very close to my heart. This compelled me to speak to what true Courage of Character means to me.  All persons are dealt shitty cards at one time or another. It's not a matter of what these cards are,... Continue Reading →


“But there’s no road, that ain’t a Hard Road to travel on” ~ Sam Roberts

When beginning this new blog, the intent was to steer away from simply a chronological explanation of my experiences. It seems as I continue writing, I have gone this route.  I would however like to pause for a moment. As mentioned in my first post, I will expand into an interactive platform. As you are... Continue Reading →

Building my foundation 

How adaptable are you? When some first hear this question, a common response will be "I feel I am adaptable, to most situations". I would challenge extra thought into this question before responding. Adapting to career obstacles versus obstacles of one's personal life are typically quite different. In business, people are more inclined to adapt... Continue Reading →

In the moment

What is the earliest memory you have of your life? The earliest memory I have, is of wooden banisters near the front door of the home we lived in until I was three years old. Out of all memories one could have, this is the one for me. I do not remember what was happening... Continue Reading →

What a 3 letter word

Have you ever thought to yourself "Why?" This question can take you many places in your mind. Places of great joy, places of great despair, places of remembrance of times passed.

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